by R. S. Marlow

I can’t help myself from eavesdropping conversations in bars, restaurants and other public spaces. The subject that has been most popular, at least the ones I hear, have been about politics. Conservative this, liberal that, he’s a Nazi, she’s a snowflake, etc… Polarization is the norm and two people with opposing views can not even sit across from each other to share a pizza and an IPA.

I am just as guilty as you and everyone else. I flip out when:

The same people who are claiming they will gladly run over a protester because blocking traffic is an unacceptable form of protest, are the same people claiming not standing for a song is an unacceptable protest. Well, what the fuck is acceptable? Or, when the same people crying about Trump’s travel ban were silent when Obama enacted virtually identical policies. I don’t get it.

I have a few more triggers, but those are the big ones nowadays.


Tonight I overheard  a family discussing politics over a coffee. The family, who were vocally left leaning, were a bit hostile towards the lone Trump supporter. Poor guy, he seemed fairly moderate to me. But, polarization is polarizing.

On the flipside, the group on the other side of me was exactly the opposite. Everyone was red in the face crying about snowflakes and complaining about lack of free speech for conservatives.

I didn’t have the heart to break it to them; The First Amendment protects you from being arrested for your speech, it does not protect you from people you pissed off with something you said. No one, not one person in this world, not even your spouse, believes exactly like you. Just stop using the terms liberal and conservative, stop judging policy by who is in office and judge it by merit.

I’m no fan of this administration and was no fan of the last one either. We are losing civil liberties hand over fist, we have been at war for a decade and a half with no end in sight, and it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

Stop, just stop making things worse and find a way to work with your neighbor to make positive change. Put your differences aside and have some discourse without getting mad as fuck.

Having said that, it’s ok to punch Nazis.


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