Who waits tables?

I actually had my most difficult check splitting incident in my decades in the service industry.

I work at an Italian joint in the affluent south in a nice neighborhood close to beaches and minutes from a historic bustling small city. The table was ten ladies, a birthday and all neighborhood people in their thirties and forties. They were polite, gracious guests and good tippers.

They ordered appetizers and wine for the table, salads and entree for almost all. Good table. Luckily I am anal about seats and precheck organization; the hard part was yet to come.

They ordered a piece of cake for the birthday girl a piece of chocolate cake to end the celebration.

Here’s where it gets tricky.

Ten people, nine seperate checks . The joiner was easy, a glass of wine and an entrée to go. The birthday girl’s meal and drinks were split evenly among the remaining eight ladies. The two bottles of wine were split among four. Two entrees were shared between four different people and two salads were split among four guests.

Welp, I did it! I did have to delete two items and re-ring them no make though.

I should have been more efficient, given my experience, but overall; everyone enjoyed themselves and I made decent loot.


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