Marine honoring the fallen

Scrolling through my Facebook feed this morning, it became abundantly clear that Facebook in America is confusing Memorial Day with Veterans Day.

Somewhere among all the BBQin’, beer drinkin’ and DUI checkpoint warnings, the are a few posts honoring those who have the ultimate sacrifice, not many. Being a Navy veteran from the first Gulf War era and from a military family, I know how important this holiday is to many Americans.

I have to be honest though…

The majority of Americans have little clue what this day is about. I have been thanked for my service, which makes me uncomfortable to begin with, multiple times this weekend. This day is for the fallen, not the lucky.

I guess what triggered me today was, discussing amateur foreign policy at the bar, being lectured about the importance of a strong military and respecting the troops in one breath; in the next breath, thanking for my service on Memorial Day.


One way to respect the troops is knowing the holidays honoring them and the difference between the two. Another, stop making veterans, especially fallen ones.

Under the current administration, not much different from the last one, is vocally and brazenly increasing our global military involvement. We have already seen an increase of combat casualties in both Allied military personel and innocent civilians.

Honor the fallen, stop killing people.


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